Why You Should Become Maxim88 Vip

Across Asia today, not many online casinos are as trusted and patronized as Maxim88 online casinos. The well-known betting platform continues to attract thousands of patrons annually for various reasons. Notable among them include exciting gaming options, high-security standards, excellent customer service, flawless customer transactions, a user-friendly betting platform, multiple bonuses, and mobile gaming. 


As a Maxim88 patron, you can easily choose from a wide list of gaming and betting options. This includes, but is not limited to, slot games, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, sports bets, and fishing games. In other words, you can easily get every form of betting option on the same platform. This is super advantageous for players who like to stake their bets on football matches, tennis, badminton, or horse racing games while enjoying slot games such as Mega 7, Crazy Bomber, etc. 


Every action performed on Maxim88 stays on the betting site as necessary measures are put in place to protect patron’s information and activities against online phishers, fraudsters, scammers, etc. Furthermore, the customer representative works 24/7 and is available via multiple channels to receive patrons’ questions or requests, then provide necessary assistance as soon as possible. In this way, players hardly get stuck while enjoying betting services on Maxim88.


The available bonuses and promotions are other exciting aspects of betting on the Maxim88 betting site. From welcome bonuses, daily cash rebates, crypto weekly bonuses, to many seasonal bonuses, Maxim88 is one of the most generous online betting platforms globally. While bonuses are fascinating, there is something even more pleasing – VIP membership!

Why become Maxim88 VIP?


VIP is a program designed to reward loyal patrons on Maxim88. In other words, when you keep returning to the online casino to play, you stand a chance of becoming “very important patrons” with multiple benefits to enjoy. At the Maxim88 VIP program, members enjoy many exclusive promotions and bonuses plays. Also, VIP members are given top priority in many services. 

The VIP program features various rankings. This starts with Classic and ends with Crockford. While each rank shares a couple of bonuses and services, there are distinctive features among them. The higher your rank, the sweeter the offers. This means that when you progress from Classic to Silver, you get more exclusive offers and bonuses. Interestingly, every patron stands a chance of becoming a Maxim88 VIP member as long as your meet the basic criteria. 


Benefits of Becoming VIP Member

As suggested earlier, patrons are set to relish numerous exclusive offers by becoming Maxim88 important players. These benefits are grouped into five sections. Find out below:

 1.Service supports

From high deposit priority, withdrawal priority, 24/7 service support to an improved maximum limit per transaction, VIP members benefit from many enhanced supports. Although Classic and Silver members do not have a designated account manager, you’ll be appointed one upon becoming a gold member. Other exclusive offers include a higher daily maximum limit and improved transaction counts. 

 2.Exclusive bonuses

Here is another lucrative component of VIP membership. Once you become a Classic member or higher, you are eligible to claim Tier Upgrade Bonuses, Birthday Bonuses, and Extra Maxim88 Draw tickets. A weekly reload bonus is available for Gold, Platinum, and Crockford members.

 3.Special rebate

Once you become a Classic VIP member on Maxim88, you get to enjoy a higher slot rebate, live casino rebate, and sports rebate. The percentages get higher as you increase your rank on the betting platform.

 4. Gifts and Treats

This category includes birthday month movie tickets, special birthday gifts, and festival gifts. While Classic members are not entitled to gifts and treats, Silver members can take advantage of the birthday month movie ticket offer. The remaining ranks enjoy the three offers.

 5. Referral Bonus Program

Classic members on Maxim88 enjoy referral bonuses. After becoming a Silver member or higher rank, you get not only a referral bonus but also free unlimited bets for friends. 


What differentiates the VIP Ranks?

The VIP ranks differ significantly based on the minimum deposit and VIP maintenance requirement. Before you can become a Classic, Silver, Gold, or Platinum member, you need to make a deposit of at least SGD 50,000, SGD 150,000, SGD 500,000, or SGD 800,000, respectively. Crockford rank is only achieved by invitation from Maxim88 governing board.

As a classic member, you don’t need to meet any minimum deposit within three months as it’s a lifetime position. However, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Crockford members are required to deposit at least 80,000, 180,000, 500,000, and 800,000, respectively, every three months while making a turnover of 800,000, 1,800,000, 500,000, and 800,000,000 to keep their membership status for the subsequent month. As long as you can continue maintaining your VIP membership status, you continue to enjoy the numerous benefits explained earlier. 


Upgrading your Maxim88 VIP rank

This is very straightforward. Simply ensure that you meet the minimum deposit in a month. This makes you eligible to rank higher. The classic level is the easiest; just deposit at least SGD 50,000 within a month, and you will be qualified to become a classic VIP member. Meet the minimum deposit for each rank discussed earlier to upgrade your VIP rank on Maxim88. Enjoy gaming!


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