The Biggest Catch: Fishing with Maxim88

Ever wondered how Ahab will feel if he has finally caught Moby Dick? Similar to Ahab, you can be your very own Captain in catching the biggest catch through the fantastic fishing games that can be found in Maxim88. For those who have never played fishing games before, here is an article that can help you start your journey towards catching the biggest catch and winning big prizes.


Starting the game

Whenever you start the game, the screen will let you choose a lot of different options. But the main gist of the game is that you’ll need to aim for a fish that you want to catch. Beginners will always start with smaller fishes as they are relatively easier to catch. With a payout table for your reference, you’ll be able to understand the game as you play along.


Scoring Points

The usual fish that you can catch while playing this game will provide payouts ranging from 2x to 50x the amount that you put in. Besides that, there are fish that can provide you with greater rewards, which can vary anywhere from 30 and 70 times your wager, 

Always remember that the quantity of money you’ll receive will be determined by the amount of money you’ve spent on your rounds (which is based on the size of the bet you have made.) While larger fish with higher dividends are more difficult to catch, it is well worth your time to go after the bigger ones because they will provide you with far more beneficial results in the long run.



Sometimes, you may notice unique fishes. The more unique the fish, the higher the payouts. Certain fish may net players with a payout of more than 200 times your stake. If you manage to capture a golden dragon, you will be rewarded with a payoff that ranges between 60x and 888x your initial wager.


Special items

Some of these games may even let players use in-game items to make it easier to capture fishes. These items can be purchased by using coins or money. In order to take down the legendary golden dragon and win big, you’ll definitely need all the help you can get. Some items may lower down the defense of fishes shown in the screen while others may increase your rounds. Other items may freeze fish to give you more time to capture them. With all these power-ups, you’ll definitely be kept on your toes from the excitement of fishing games.


Gaming with Maxim88

Although there are a lot of other fishing games that can be found throughout the internet, as of current, the Return to Player (RTP) rate is one of the highest among those that we have tested. Moreover, the quality of the games provided has been consistently great with each round getting better and better.



Have you thought of catching your very own destiny? If you are, you can join the game using the referral link below and will even be rewarded with a sign-in bonus that will increase your chance to get the Biggest Catch!

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