Sports-Booking with Maxim88

Sports-booking is an exciting activity that can be conducted by individuals or in groups where you can make bets on sports teams from various different types of sports.

With so many online sports booking platform to choose from, we have selected Maxim88 as the best platform of 2021 based on the below criteria:


Design and Features

For the design and features of the site, we are impressed at how easy it is to interact with the platform. All information shown is clear and organized unlike various other platforms where they show you highly technical details that may be a bit too much for casual users. One of the high points is that they will also include links to live matches in which you can watch as the team you have bet on takes it to the stage to help you earn your bids. 

Betting process

The betting process is relatively easy especially for beginners where one can bet on simple things like the winning team to technical bets such as Most Valuable Players (MVP), total scored amount based on different games. For the games itself, they offer a lot of different sports to bet on ranging from NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, FIFA, Premier League and also various other leagues that can be browsed through its platform. If you are an ardent sports fan, you will be amazed at how many different games there are on the platform.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal system is simple and easy to use. There are various methods for transactions which can be used to deposit or withdraw cash around the platform. These transactions will often take less than 2-3 minutes of your time before it goes through. Based on our experience, each and every transaction went off without a hitch. We were also notified that all transactions shown in their system are anonymous and hard to be traced so that your personal data will not be breached.


  • Bonuses

After comparing with the rest of the platforms on the bonuses & promotions offered, we definitely place Maxim88 on a different level compared to the rest; they include a very reasonable deposit bonus where they provide extra credit based on the accumulated deposited cash. Other than that, the VIP membership program nets you additional credits on top of what was already offered.


  • Customer Support

For Maxim88, we have received little to no problems when dealing with their Customer Support services from the use of Messenger, platform-based chat system, email correspondence and also through the use of telephone. We managed to check with them on various types of payment disputes after betting on more than 1000+ games with different price ranges to check on its performance and all of these disputes have been properly accounted for.


Based on the above points, we highly recommend Maxim88 as the best choice for the Sports betting platform compared to the rest of the platforms in the market. 

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