Maxim88 Cryptocurrency Weekly Free Bonus

Despite the wide-ranging online casinos today, Maxim88 stands out among the lot. This is due to the high level of commitment, dedication and experience by the governing board towards satisfying every client. Across Singapore and beyond, Mazxim88 is largely referred to as the most trusted and secure betting online platform. The plethora of positive reviews about the famous online casino is a reflection of hard work done behind the scene to ensure that Maxim88 patrons are properly catered for. 

For more than a decade, the legal betting site has worked towards making gaming and betting comfortable and rewarding for registered members. From making mobile gaming available on a secure online casino, providing lucrative odds, helpful customer support unit to multiple gambling options, it’s not surprising that Maxim88 continues to lead the way when it comes to online betting. 

In an effort to improve the convenience of the patrons, Maxim88 has integrated cryptocurrency as part of its payment system. In other words, the famous betting site now accepts cryptocurrency as one of the deposit options by members. Aside from becoming a cryptocurrency casino, Maxim88 has also rolled out Crypto Currency Weekly Free Bonus to its bettors. To learn more about new payment addition and how to claim the bonus, read this article to the end.

Maxim88: The famous cryptocurrency casino


With the introduction of cryptocurrency payment options into its system, Maxim88’s reputation and popularity have soared massively in recent times. This is understandable as cryptocurrency is the future of currency, not to mention its numerous advantages to online bettors. Now, players on Maxim88 can choose to either fund their Maxim88 betting wallet with fiat currency or virtual currency. 

Whether you intend to play live casino games, slots games, fishing games or poker, every player is allowed to stake with their cryptocurrency. Also, digital currency is permissible for betting on your preferred odds in the sports betting category. In short, there is no limitation to the use of cryptocurrency for betting on Maxim88 – instead, there are several benefits attached to it.

Speaking of benefits, funding your Maxim88 casino account is quick, reliable and smooth. Within a few seconds, you can send your bitcoins into your wallet. Using cryptocurrency to fund your account means you don’t have to wait for a bank or financial institution to make transactions. This is particularly exciting for players whose government doesn’t support using fiat currency to bet online. Now, you can bet without the watchful eyes of the government. Furthermore, cryptocurrency comes with negligible charges. In other words, you don’t have to pay a high amount to move your money from bank to online payment platforms, then to Maxim88. 

Maxim88: Introducing cryptocurrency weekly bonus

If you are already a registered player on Maxim88, you’ll agree that the famous online casino is one of the most generous gambling platforms. Once you become a member, you are a step towards enjoying numerous bonuses and promotions. Among the popular bonuses on Maxim88 includes welcome bonuses, weekly exclusive bonuses, weekly raffle draw, referral bonuses, VIP referral special rewards, weekly rescue bonuses, daily reload bonuses, birthday bonuses, etc. 

Recently, the generous online casino has decided to add another lucrative bonus to its long list of promotions – cryptocurrency weekly free bonus. It’s a new bonus option that is available to every eligible patron on Maxim88. Also, the bonus comes in handy for every form of game. When it comes to winning the bonus, it’s pretty easy and straightforward. Simply follow the steps required for qualifying and claiming the bonus.

How to claim the bonus

Follow the steps below to stand a chance of claiming the generous cryptocurrency bonus:

Step 1: Qualify for the bonus by making a minimum deposit of SGD100 with cryptocurrency. 

Step 2: After meeting the deposit requirement, click on the “apply now.”

Step 3: Provide the necessary details, including the preferred provider for the bonus to be credit. This is important for verification purposes. 

Step 4: Once you qualify and apply, the bonuses will be released. However, you need to have made a six times turnover before you can utilize the bonus. 

Maxim88 Cryptocurrency weekly bonus: Important information to note

  • On every Monday at 00:00:00 (GMT+8), the weekly deposit amount is calculated till Sunday at 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  • The successful applicant will receive the credit in their preferred wallets on Monday. However, if the Monday falls on a work-free day, the patron will receive the bonus on the next working day after successful verification.
  • Applicant must fulfil a six times turnover to transfer or withdraw. 
  • In the absence of a preferred provider, the successful applicant will receive the bonus in their Evolution Gaming wallet by default.
  • The cryptocurrency weekly bonus applies to every provider, except 918kiss and Mega88. 

Final Note

With cryptocurrency, every patron has a chance to fund their wallet with a trusted and tax-free payment option. You don’t need to manoeuvre any restriction or wait long hours to complete the transaction. More excitingly, the more cryptocurrency you send into your Maxim88 wallet, the more chances of getting bonuses to play and win more. 



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