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Poker is a type of card game in which a group of players bet upon the best hand in accordance to a specific set of rules. These games are usually played between friends or in a parlour setting. If you’ve never played Poker before, you can easily learn this popular game through Maxim88 (An online gaming platform that lets you interact with a live dealer and also other players worldwide) where you can train your skills or even make bets online. In this article, we’ll be teaching you the basics set of rules that you’ll need to know in order to effectively play Poker.


Rules of the game


For any poker game, a minimum of two to a maximum of 10 players can play on the same table. By using a 52-card deck, each player will be dealt with a minimum of 5 cards (other versions may go up to 7). These cards will be distributed by the dealer and the game will start.


After distributing the cards, each player will take turns betting. Players may choose to “Fold” or to call it quits if they do not have good cards in their hands. However, some may choose to “Call”. This means to follow with the bet others have made. Some players who are especially lucky may choose to “Raise” the stakes by increasing the bets made. In the event where a player raises the bet, others can either choose to increase, follow-suit or to exit the round. These three terms (Fold, Call, Raise) are especially important as they are the most fundamental part of the game and you will need to remember these terms in order to know exactly what you are doing.


Once cards are dealt, there will be a final stage or aptly known as “Showdown”. This is where all players who have not exited must unveil their hands and show what are the cards they have. Players whose cards have the highest value according to the rule. Players with the best hand will take the entire pot of bets contributed by all players.


Learning the name


Getting familiar with the terms and hands is especially important in order to know how much your hands are worth. An easy table of reference can be found below:


Name Definition Example Hand Ranking
Royal Flush Getting a straight flush with an ace A♦ K♦ Q♦ J♦ 10♦ #1
Straight flush five cards in the same sequence & suit Q♥ J♥ 10♥ 9♥ 8♥  #2
Four of a Kind four similar ranked cards 9♣ 9♠ 9♦ 9♥ J♥  #3
Full house A set of 3 similar ranked cards and a pair 3♣ 3♠ 3♦ 6♣ 6♥ #4
Flush Five cards in same suit, not in sequence K♣ 10♣ 7♣ 6♣ 4♣ #5
Straight Five cards in sequence. Different suit 7♣ 6♠ 5♠ 4♥ 3♥ #6
Three of a Kind 3 similar ranked cards 2♦ 2♠ 2♣ K♠ 6♥ #7
Two Pair 2 sets of 2 similar ranked cards J♥ J♣ 4♣ 4♠ 9♥ #8
Pair A set of similar ranked cards 4♥ 4♠ K♠ 10♦ 5♠ #9
High Card In the event nobody has any of the hands above, the one holding the best card will win the pot.

Individually, the cards are ranked by the sequence: A(Highest), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2(Lowest)

K♥ J♥ 8♣ 7♦ 4♠ #10 


Playing online


In order to dip your toes into this game, Maxim88 provides a demo account where you can interact with live dealers and players. The dealers are very helpful especially to new players and they will always be there to show you the ropes and even give helpful tips once in a while. 




Using Maxim88, new players will also be provided with sign-up bonuses and also additional cash-in incentives. This is definitely a great way for new players to explore different strategies when playing poker. With the extra added credits, players will also be able to use these credits to win free money.




New players are definitely encouraged to register with Maxim88 to enjoy the benefits provided by the platform and also other numerous games that are available. Who knows, you may also enjoy other games when exploring around as credits won from games are transferable from one game to another.

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