How I Mended my Family’s Relationship With Mega888

A lot of people may think that this article is made up of bullshit, but I would like to advise taking it with a grain of salt as what worked for me may not work for you. Personally though, I’m just writing to help out my fellow gambling addicts and to give people a perspective on what it really is like to have a gambling addiction.



Many people would view gambling in moderation as a cool and socially approved activity. Unfortunately, for my family. It has acted as a gateway towards heartbreak and cruelty that I would never want them to go through again. My story actually begins with my parents when I was around 15 years old. It was during this time that I dropped out of middle-school and since they didn’t really bother with my studies, they eventually took me wherever they went. As I was born to a semi-high income white American family, they would visit Vegas during the weekends just to let off some steam. Now, most people my age would’ve started working after leaving school but my family thought differently that I should just enjoy growing up until I’m ready to work. Man are they wrong.


My First Casino Run

During one of those trips, my mom and dad would frequently argue over who should spend more in what type of games. Eventually, they included me in their affair and offered to buy me a fake ID so that I could gamble by myself. The reason was because the money spent was actually a part of a money laundering stint that my family is somehow involved in, but I was too innocent to understand what’s going on. I remember my first game was playing slots in the casino, slots are one of the better parts of the casino that I loved playing since I don’t like interacting with strangers. I would spend hours on a slot machine while waiting for my parents to finish up their day.

As you all may know, slot machines use a lot of designs and colourful things to ensure that the player is hooked onto the machine without a care of reality. While there were lots of lost coins, I did manage to break-even most of the time. Therefore, it serves as a distraction for me while waiting for my parents.


It wasn’t a Problem till it was

The family business comes with a lot of risks especially when we’re laundering money. When I was around 22, my family was caught and tried by court for our activities. My mom was eventually acquitted of the charges while my dad took the fall since our family business was registered with my dad’s name. Mom went into depression while I was stuck staring into the screens of the slot machines in the Venetian.

Being a young adult, I didn’t place much care towards my family situation since there was a brighter (literally) future ahead when visiting casinos compared to spending time with my mom who was gloomy all the time thinking about our family’s future and whatnot.

The situation was so bad that after my dad got out of prison, we decided to go see a family therapist for counseling. 


Blame Game 

Here’s the kicker, mom and dad laid off gaming for the rest of their life ever since dad got out of prison while I was the only one still going to casinos to waste time. This was definitely not healthy for our family as mom and dad wanted to set things right and rebalance our family finances (which was constantly being wasted by yours truly.) It was only later that I found out that visiting casinos and going to slot machines was my form of defense mechanism to not care about them.



After being confronted by the family and therapist, I admitted that I was having problems with gambling (gambling addiction) and since I didn’t need to work or do anything else, it has eventually become a big part of my life. They have mentioned to me the more extreme examples of gambling addiction and that we were fortunate enough to have more savings compared to other families. That said, the therapist has given me various alternatives such as exercising and taking on hobbies not related to gambling. Trust me I’ve tried all of it but the lure of the machines was far too great. Things were still bad until I stumbled upon online casinos (Maxim88). Through the platform I was able to get my fix of gambling via. Mega888. Although this is a form of replacement, it does help me cope with my situation and ensures that I do not have to travel all the way to Vegas or any casinos. Since I do not need to spend so much and there are also demo games which I can just roll away without using cash, it’s been a lot easier for me to spend time with my family rather than ghosting then to be at a casino. Overall, their platform is definitely great especially with their customer services and live casinos. It feels as though I do not need to be in a casino to feel the thrill.



If you’re interested in checking out the platform and see what it’s all about, I highly suggest using the referral code as it’ll also give you a sign-up bonus. Evidently, if you’re also experiencing gambling addiction, I highly suggest playing without using any form of cash or credit so that you can slowly attune yourself without betting.

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