CMD368 review

CMD368 first came to the scene in 2016 with the most catches and most memorable names around the Asian market. It offered sports, casino, and other betting services to the customer from all around the world. Since the Cagayan economic zone government regulates and licences bookies, it was a legal venture. It can be very difficult for any new website to lure customers since most people are hesitant to spend money on anything that they do not trust. Popper licensing is the key ingredient to run a legitimate casino website.

CMD368 is considered Asia’s leading bookmaker. Here you will enjoy top-class gaming with security functions that will keep all of your private information secure without any mismanagement. The website needs to be secure, and CMD368 provides a mass number of services that can get overwhelming at first. But everything will get more simplified after a few days of use. Everything on the westie is laid out in a simplistic manner so it can be user-friendly to a large group of people without giving out annoying information every second.

There are some negatives about CMD368 that later steps will reveal, but overall CMD368 is one of the best casino websites in entire Asia. Making the transition to CMD368 has several advantages.

Betting market

The website has a pretty good navigation layout to help out the newcomers who never had an online casino experience. The mini toolbar has options that allow the users to navigate the sportsbook and find out the popular sports that match their requirements. The ever-growing and new Esports also added to the list. While it may not be popular in some parts of the world, Esports holds a major audience in the Asian market. One thing the CMD 368 does not have is horse racing. But they are planning to add it later in the future.

Promotions for new players

Promotions for new players

If you are new then you are going to experience a range of promotions across all sports within the platform. They can deposit 100% for sports along with a reloading bonus and cashback for loyal punters. Customers may wager on singles, doubles, accumulators, system bets, and parlays to enhance their entire experience.

Live to bet

CMD368 allows for live betting that can go from play events to other genres. The Live Center area is located on the dashboard. This area is located in the dashboard’s upper left corner. There, you may see live facts and statistics on global events as they unfold. All the data will be provided to the user in real-time. Don’t expect any user-friendliness in this area. If you are planning to go with this area of the casino, then you will have to face some challenges.

Casino services

Services such as table games, slots, poker, lotto, and fishing are available for people to try their luck. The members also get to experience a large number of jackpot slots, arcade games, and online poker networks,s and many more benefits that will make the user experience more exciting. All the aspects of the casino have promotions attached to them.

Some minor inconveniences

The live betting area can be a bit too confusing compared to other sections of the website. If you are a new user then you’re going to have some trouble facing the information that you will see on the display. It can definitely intimidate the newer less experienced user. However, the website does include some useful customer service options including live chat, telephone, and email. The option for different languages also makes the support more effective if you are having trouble understanding the system.

On the website, you will see a red and green number highlighting updating the odds. You will get bombarded with a long list of information. Which some might enjoy seeing on the display and it will keep them informed about every development news of the second. But to many, this gets a bit too annoying after a while.

Pros and Cons

Even if you haven’t made up your mind about the website or the services it provides, you may find it in below. Pros and cons will give you enough information so you will be able to make a fair assessment of the services you will receive from the website. Then you will need This section will cover all the pros of CMD368 and the cons.


● Large collection of sports betting market
● Range of betting options for sports and other virtual bets
● Includes e-sports
● Live betting offer
● Welcome bonus when you create an account
● Multiple languages supported
● Good customer services
● Payouts are done faster
● Good navigation on the website


● Only focus on Asia market
● Odds are not as good as other bookies
● Poor banking options
● Decent turnover requirements

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