Due to advancements in gaming technologies and designs in the last decade, several new games have emerged. In other cases, many gaming products have experienced an upgrade with appealing graphics and a catchy interface. Among the new gaming category in recent decades is the fishing game. Considering the vast positive review about the fun, entertainment, and rewards associated with fishing games in an online casino, it’s understandable if you can’t wait to get started.

However, several self-acclaimed “online betting houses” are out there, duping people or providing gaming products in an unsecured gambling platform. This is risky as it can lead to scams or loss of finances. For this reason, it’s essential to only deal on a reputable betting platform like Maxim88 with track records in the betting industry. 

At Maxim88, registered players enjoy gaming and betting on a secure platform as the online casino utilizes multiple security measures. More so, the customer representatives are always available if you ever encounter any challenges. On the user-friendly betting platform, members relish multiple bonuses and promotions for various online games and betting options.

Speaking about the games on Maxim88, the famous online casino offers slots games, live casino games, poker games, sports & esports betting, and of course, exciting fishing-themed games. If you are new to fishing games and would like to learn more about Maxim88 fishing game options and what to expect, here is an enlightening read for you. Enjoy reading!

Maxim88 Fishing Game

For those who appreciate slots games, you are likely to find the fishing game exciting. If you love fishing or spending time with marine creatures, you might even be more passionate about winning fishing-themed games. On Maxim88, the most popular fishing games are available. This includes Alien Hunter, Fishing war, and Fishing God. 

Although the various game options come with distinctive graphics and gameplay, they share many attributes that are common to fishing games. Essentially, you are required to hunt the marine creatures by aiming your weapon towards them. This weapon often differs, depending on the type of game or difficulty level — the more marine creatures you kill, the more points you would accrue. 

It’s not unusual to find fishing games having features such as a multiplier, target, bomb, and auto-aim. This feature assists gamers in standing a better chance against stronger creatures or winning more points with a single blow. All fishing games on Maxim88 are developed by Spadegaming, the most reputable fishing game software producer globally. Choose your first fishing game to engage based on the specific information shared below:

Alien Hunter Online Fishing Game


If you really love online shooting games, check out Alien Hunter on Maxim88. Considered as one of the most played fishing games online, it is pretty easy to understand. Admittedly, you’ll encounter some scary alien in your journey to victory; you can be confident of winning as long as you focus and hit a target at their weakest points. 

Alien Hunter is available in three modes: Godlike, Expert, and Junior. Starting from the Junior level, you spend a lesser amount to bet. The size of the bet increase as you increase the difficulty level. Players can select the menu option to learn about the game paytable, sound adjustment, and other features. To win the prize, it’s required to shoot the various animals represented by different symbols. As you continue to play, you’ll find out some special signs and symbols such as Fallen Hunter, Turbo Blaster, and Bladehound that helps win more. 

Fishing War Online Fishing Game

Here is a uniquely designed fishing-themed game by Spadegaming. Again, you are required to fight against sea creatures by firing cannons at them. As you continue to journey through the game, you’ll encounter various creatures that you must shoot down. The more you kill the creatures, the higher your winnings would be. 

Fishing War comes with 21 various basic creatures, which means a chance to make more money. Also, there is the Special Fish that offers bonus features to gamers. For instance, Dragon King offers x10 and x300 of your basic payout. Also, many players are lucky enough to land themselves the Firestorm cannon that helps scale through the Firestorm mode. With the Thunder hammer, you can get x30 and x100 of your rewards. These and many other features make Fishing War stands out.

Fishing God Online Fishing Game

For players looking for smart meanings to boost their gaming balance, Fishing God should be your go-to entertaining game. This is because Fishing God is not only fun but easy to get rewards. As with other fishing-themed games, you are required to capture sea creatures. In the game, you’ll encounter various creatures, offering different payout. The smaller fish are easier to catch, albeit with low payout. 

As you probably expect, Fishing God also comes with bonus features. Special Fish and Items offer bountiful prizes. For instance, Lazer Crab offers x120 of your basic bet, including cannon for a wider range of shooting. Also, Wheel Crab enables x300 of your payout when captured. Other special features to look out for include Rapid Fire Cannon, Golden Fortune Bag, Drill Crab, and Bomb Crab.


Fishing games are fun, fulfilling, and rewarding games in an online casino. By playing on Maxim88, you get to play on a secure and generous betting platform. Simply register, fund your casino wallet and proceed to explore the fishing game category. Good luck!

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